Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Invisible Arches

Assignment was to make arches and embellish upon the architecture of the studio that all Art Foundation students share.
I made arches and painted them so you could only see them very clearly from the side, but from the front view they almost vanish.
Title: Invisible Arches
Materials: Wood, screws and acrylic paint.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hey Diddle University

Completed late April. Assignment was to find the hidden meanings in a nursery rhyme, and I took a completely nonsensical rhyme and gave it a meaning by putting it on a college campus.
Materials: Black ink and watercolor.

Skinned Sky

Completed right after Spring Break. The assignment was to make something out of cloth, and I decided to challenge the Romantic mindset that was 'nature is everything and forever'.
So, it's supposed to be someone tried to take the sky and put it on a wall, hence why it looks violent/like a skinned animal. Like people trying to tame nature but they shouldn't.
Materials: used clothes. Completely handsewn.