Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gummy Bear Massacre

Completed April 16th.
"Gummy Bear Massacre"
Materials: Wood, acrylic paint, paint pen, nails, screws, melted gummy bears.

Suburban Swarm

Completed end of March 2010.
"Suburban Swarm"
Materials: Paper mache, acrylic paint, cardboard, sandpaper, moss, paper clips, wet sculpey, wire mesh, hot glue.
Mosquito was just a compulsive addition to the piece 9 hours before it was due.
It's a bell jar with a surburban town coming out of it; it's supposed to symbolize life and death. The assignment was to combine two opposites in a paper mache sculpture.

Various Paintings

These are paintings I am not proud of.
Top was a collage we created in surface as a 'Pop art propoganda" assignment, then we had to enlarge it and paint it.
"Women as Meat"
36 " by 42", Acrylic on canvas.
176 hours, completed February 2010.
Com arts said these were my weakest pieces in my portfolio.
Second piece I just wanted to practice painting smoke.
"Smoking Hookah"
24" by 18", acrylic on bristol paper. Completed December 2009.

Old Drawing Studio Drawings

All done in charcoal between August and November of 2009.

Various Drawings

The two portraits were done in charcoal, the shoe sketch and cartoon in pencil. The people in pen are from my surface class, and the sketches on the bottom are from planning my zipper.

Wire Laptop

Materials: Wire and black spraypaint (to make the wire darker because this piece vanished when it was silver).
Completed March 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Abstract Expressionist Acrylic

"Body Parts"
each piece (except the center) is 4" by 7" on watercolor paper, acrylic paint.
The second picture is a detail shot.
Completed January 2010, finished in 36 hours.

Com Arts project class drawings

Completed in October of 2009. Pen on paper. Drawn with the stick method.

Still Life with Bunny Bag

Done over Spring Break. Pencil on Paper.

Still Life with Lunch Box

Sketch done over Spring Break. Pencil on paper.


7 ft by 1 ft
Materials: Cardboard, Hot glue, packing tape
Completed Feb 2010


I figure to start this blog off, I should add some of my works.

"Recycled Aurora borealis"
Materials: Styrofoam, light, colored cellophane.
Completed Feb 2010